Integral Precast wall


Increase productivity by 44% when you reduce heavy labour on your construction site.

The only precast wall that promises ease of installation while improving safety and performance on your construction site.

exclusive to the FEHR Group


Perfectly suited to houses or apartment blocks, offices, industrial buildings, school establishments, care facilities, sports and cultural centres and prison structures.

Classic version technical characteristics:

maximum dimensionsup to 12.33 m x 3.80 m
total wall thicknessfrom 16 to 40 cm (for 45 to 60 cm, please contact us directly)
shell thicknessfrom 4.5 to 7.5 cm
concrete classmin. C 40/50
average weight280 to 350 kg/m2
concrete exposure classXF1; XA3

Thermal version technical characteristics:

Maximum dimensionsup to 12.34 m x 3.80 m (according to production site)
Total wall thicknessfrom 28 to 50 cm (according to production site)
shell thickness interiorfrom 6 to 7.5 cm / exterior from 6 to 9 cm
Insulatorspolyurethane and polystyrene from 6 to 20 cm
Concrete classmin. C 40/50
Average weightapprox. 350kg/m2
U valuefrom 0.504 to 0.13 W/m²K


precast openings

Openings are precast in the factory, making it possible to overcome all the constraints caused by wooden formwork.

steel tie-bars

Integrated steel tie-bars lighten the workload: there are no heavy containers of framework to be lifted.

integrated door thresholds

integrated thresholds are a real timesaver: no more mullions and transoms to be cut on site.

safety slings

safety slings facilitate handling from the ground

our Precast wall range never stops improving, and now it’s taking on a new dimension to bring even greater safety and ergonomics to your construction site. Integral precast walls, with openings precast during manufacture, overcome all the obstacles typically caused by a wooden formwork that would have to be unmolded on site: heavy labour, risk of falling and the cost of disposal and recycling.

the integrated steel tie-bars make for lighter work, removing the need to lift heavy containers of framework.

ready integrated door thresholds are a real timesaver, removing the need to cut mullions and transoms on site.


integrated formwork and thresholds

integrated steel tie-bars

FT guardrail

secure container

A precast wall for every construction project

need insulation? Opt for Thermal. Combine exceptional technology and finishing with Architectural. Gain 44% productivity with Integral, the only precast wall that promises ease of installation, while optimising safety and performance on site.