Précoffré® Integral precast wall panels

Increase productivity by 44 % by making site work less arduous. The only panels that make construction easier and maximises safety and efficiency on the worksite.
Précoffré Intégral 10 points-2
  • The openings are already concreted in the factory, doing away with all the restrictions imposed by wooden formwork
  • The integrated connecting wales make the work easier, with no need for lifting heavy reinforcement baskets
  • Integrated sills save valuable time: no need to cut transoms on the site
  • Safety slings allow grasping from the floor

Précoffré® Integral precast wall panels

Our Précoffré® is being improved all the time, and has now taken on a new dimension, making site work safer and more ergonomic. Précoffré® Integral with factory concreted openings does away with all the restrictions imposed by wooden formwork that needs to be removed on the site: arduousness, scraps, cost of removal and recycling.

The integrated steel wales make the work easier, since there is no longer any need to lift heavy reinforcement baskets.

The factory integrated sills save valuable time, because no reinforcing transoms need to be cut on site.

Coffrage intégral et seuil

Aciers de liaison intégrés

Garde corps FT

Conteneur sécurisé

Specifications of Précoffré® Integral Classic

Maximum dimensions up to 12.33 m x 3.80 m

Wall thickness16 to 40 cm (45 to 60 cm, please enquire)
Wall thickness4.5 to 7.5 cm
Type of concretemin. level C 40/50
Average weight280 to 350 kg/m2
Concrete classificationXF1; XA3

Specifications of Précoffré® Integral Thermal

Maximum dimensions up to 12.34 m x 3.80 m (depending on the production site)

Wall thickness28 to 50 cm
Interior wall thickness6 to 7.5 cm/outer shell thickness 6 to 9 cm
Insulationpolyurethane, polystyrene 5 to 20 cm thick
Type of concretemin. level C 40/50
Average weight approx.350 kg/m2
Ufrom 0.504 to 0.13 W/m².K


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