Thermal precast wall


combine thermal comfort, energy savings and protection.

Long-lasting, made-to-measure solutions, exceptional technical and aesthetic performance.

Functioning under the principle of exterior thermal insulation, the insulating precast wall, Precast wall Thermal, is an efficient and innovative solution for your building envelope.

Exclusive to the FEHR Group


Perfectly suited to houses or apartment blocks, offices, industrial plants, school buildings, care facilities, sports and cultural centres or prison structures.

technical characteristics

Maximum dimensionsup to 12.34 m x 3.80 m (according to production site)
Total wall thicknessfrom 28 to 50 cm (according to production site)
Shell thickness interiorfrom 6 to 7.5 cm / exterior from 6 to 9 cm
Insulatorspolyurethane, polystyrene from 6 cm to 20 cm
Concrete classmin. C 40/50
Average weightaround 350kg/m2
U valuefrom 0.504 to 0.13 W/m²K


thermal comfort

U value of up to 0.13 W / m2K in readiness for RT2020


energy savings, acoustic comfort and protection against fire (2h fire rating) and weathering.

seismic areas

construction in seismic areas, for use in infrastructure, no building height restrictions

maximum dimensions

dimensions of up to 12.34 m x 3.80 m, with an insulating thickness of between 6 cm and 20 cm

the outer concrete skin of the prefabricated insulating Thermal Precast wall, with finishing in accordance with architectural standards, assures protection of the insulation within, while also ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs.


thermally efficient and composed of stable, recyclable materials, it responds to the concerns of those in the construction sector who seek to preserve both resources and the wellbeing of building occupants.

advantages of the Thermal insulated precast wall

  • less arduous work, better work ergonomics
  • built-in safety features
  • ease and speed of installation
  • industrial-standard quality and durability
  • optimisation of construction site workforce
  • "made-to-measure" products adapted to your construction needs
  • reduction of on-site noise pollution
  • adaptation to worksite challenges, reduction of earthworks...

We have improved the design of our product, allowing it to accommodate up to 20 cm of insulation, thereby offering a U value of up to 0.13 W / m²K. The possibilities for application are growing: use for infrastructure is authorized, and from now on there is no height restriction on buildings designed in Precast wall Thermal. Installation in seismic areas is fully authorized, as well as the construction of walls of up to 2HFR. Equally, layout options are now more extensive than under earlier technical guidelines. Justification calculations have been carried out in accordance with the Eurocodes.

Safety during the onsite installation of Thermal precast walls being a priority, we have also had our lifting ropes approved by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment). Our unique lifting system offers the best CMU on the market, while allowing slinging from the ground.

Such advances do not mean our work is done. We are continuously developing Precast wall Thermal, to ensure your project the best that concrete can offer!

A precast wall for every construction project

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