Precast wall : reduces costs and construction times

Precast Wall

Integrated formwork wall

Precast Classic Wall is a precast wall with integrated formwork made up of two fine reinforced concrete panels that are connected to each other and held apart by metal stiffeners, and a central space into which ready-mix concrete can be cast.

This made-to-order structural product is delivered just in time to your work sites, with all the reservations required.


Technical characteristics

(according to current Technical Notice)

Maximum dimensions up to 12.34m x 3.80m*
Wall thickness 16 to 50 cm
Wall panel thickness4.5 to 7.5 cm
Concrete classmin. C 40/50
Average weight280 to 350kg/m2
Concrete exposure classXF1; XA3
Fire resistance2h - 4h
Seismic zoneYes

* depending on production site; please enquire for more information

Areas of use


Apartment blocks

Office buildings




Sports, aquatic and arts centres

Silos, retaining walls, sealed structures,

Shell beams, etc.

Functional drawing

Precast wall in concrete by FEHR Group

Advantages of precast elements

Industrial quality

Product made to measure - incorporation of rebar, dummy frames and inserts

Adapted to site specifics and site constraints

Ease of application - less strenuous work

Simplified site organisation and Coordination

Speed, flexible use and shorter building time

Heightened site safety

Attractive wall facings - Variety of surface finishes (colours, textures)

Low environmental impact

Easy care, low maintenance

Long service life

Fire and weather protection

Our benefits

Reinforced safety thanks to patented solutions

Equipment required for installation and handling available for purchase::

Technical support for installation

A pattern or colour may be added

A dedicated designing department in each production facility

Precast Wall and its equipment

A 100% secure wall: integral formwork, integrated linking steels, integrated threshold, integrated guardrail, safety slings, ...


Low-carbon concrete formulation:

Environmental impact of Precast WallEx-works

with no infill*

*may be filled with super low carbon concrete

Low carbon


Super low carbon


No form release oil, for a cleaner site

Reduced negative impacts of the work and nuisance to neighbours

No clutter on the site

No waste

Examples of constructions featuring the Classic precast wall

all our achievements

A precast wall for every construction project

Need insulation? Opt for Thermal. Combine exceptional technology and finishing with Architectural. Gain 44% productivity with Integral, the only precast wall that promises ease of installation, while optimising safety and performance on site.

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