Precast wall: for simple, fast and ergonomic construction think Precast wall, the bespoke precast concrete wall from Fehr.

Fulton buildings in concrete precast walls. By FEHR Group.

the most advanced prefabricated concrete wall in the world

consisting of two thin reinforced concrete shells, joined and separated by metal wales, the Precast wall precast wall integrates its own custom formwork for maximum ease of installation.

already been around the block on traditional construction methods? Quick to install, ergonomic, fully adaptable: the Precast wall prefabricated wall is the high-tech alternative you have been waiting for.

exclusive to the FEHR Group

Precast wall in concrete by FEHR Group

The Precast wall Classic precast wall is an integrated formwork wall consisting of two thin reinforced concrete shells joined together and separated by metal wales.

technical characteristics

maximum dimensionsup to 12.34 m x 3.80 m
total wall thicknessfrom 16 to 40 cm (for 45 to 60 cm, please contact us directly)
shell thicknessfrom 4.5 to 7.5 cm
concrete classmin. C 40/50
average weightfrom 280 to 350kg/m2
concrete exposure classXF1; XA3


advantages of the Classic precast wall

the Precast wall Classic precast wall is perfectly suited for houses and apartment blocks, offices, shops, schools, hospitals, sport and pool facilities, cultural centres, silos, retaining walls, waterproof structures, deep beams... an alternative to traditional construction methods, the Precast wall precast wall adapts fully to your construction needs:

  • quick and simple installation, reduced construction times, less labour required
  • simplified organisation and coordination of construction sites
  • high-quality facing makes finishing simple
  • ideal solution for: construction against existing walls, for set dimensions, elevator shafts and stairwell walls
  • reduced earthworks for infrastructure
  • less arduous work / better working ergonomics
  • built-in safety features
  • quick and easy to install
  • industrial-standard quality and reliability
  • optimises use of labour on construction sites
  • "made-to-measure" products adapted to your construction needs
  • reduced on-site noise pollution
  • adapts to challenging site boundary configurations, reduces the need for earthworks, etc.

» industrial quality

FEHR Group's commitment is to guarantee you exceptional manufacturing standards on all our products and all our ranges.

continuous quality-control during the production process, custom-made products, reliability of mechanical performance, systematic inspection of finishing, timely delivery...

our Precast wall products are no exception: they meet the most demanding quality standards in the industry.

» ultra-customisable

made entirely to measure, Precast wall precast walls offer the ideal solution whether you are constructing individual homes or a full multiplex under complex constraints.

quick and easy to erect, they permit better site management, allow you to optimise your use of time and manpower, and increase safety on your construction site – all while reducing arduous work.

and all done with style!

» eco-responsible

reducing the on-site impact of our products as far as possible is a core concern, and a challenge our manufacturers are proud to rise to every day.

that is why Precast wall precast walls boast a record low ecological footprint: reduced pollutants, structure durability, minimal upkeep, ease of maintenance, fire and weather resistance…

because for us, environmental responsibility is not just a sales gimmick – it is our top priority.


with dimensions of up to 12.34 m x 3.80 m achievable, our precast walls offer extreme versatility for all your construction projects.

from individual residences to institutional multiplexes, FEHR Group’s Precast wall precast walls present the ideal solution for: offices, businesses, schools, hospitals, sports and pool facilities,cultural centres, not to mention silos, retaining walls, waterproof structures, deep beams...

and of course, they are ideal for construction against existing walls, for set dimensions, elevator shafts and even stairwell walls.


faster construction times

thanks to their record-breaking installation times, they promise better management of your worksite and unprecedented optimisation of your time and manpower.

Simpler project coordination, less arduous work, better ergonomics, unrivaled safety and durability, adaptability to onsite challenges, simplified finishing thanks to high-quality facing, reduction of both earthworks and noise pollution ...


why choose an FEHR prefabricated wall?

during production, we subject our prefabricated concrete walls to the most rigorous testing on the market to guarantee maximum safety from delivery to installation.

whether they act as retaining walls or party walls, there can be no margin for error – which is why we subject all FEHR Group products to full scale construction testing.

whether they act as retaining walls or party walls, there can be no margin for error – which is why we subject all FEHR Group products to full scale construction testing.

in this way we are able to assess both the energy response and the flexibility of the shell walls; these findings are complemented by fire, seismic and impact testing, as well as through the wrenching of lifting cables and inserts.

finally, for each building study, we test structure rigidity through the application of localized and uniform loads, allowing our specialists to determine performance with a very high level of precision.

at FEHR Group, we are proud to always be one step ahead of the game: our products don't just meet current standards, they anticipate them.

this is why Precast wall Thermal has been awarded a “Passive” certification label; that is to say, it is approved for use in passive energy constructions. All our precast walls comply with RT2020 standards, but our thermal products exceed them, a feature which is already proving essential for any future PlusEnergy structures.

what happens when I order a precast wall from FEHR?

when you order a Precoffere® precast wall, you initiate a process that begins with a dimension calculation and personalised computer simulation specific to your request: each prefabricated wall is first simulated in 3D by our design office in order to fully predict its behavior.


if your request concerns a facade product (Thermal precast walls and Fclad®), it will then be subjected to an additional thermal study.

on request, our engineers are also able to draw up a complete thermal assessment of your building.


once the feasibility of your wall has been confirmed in accordance with the criteria you have submitted, the physical manufacturing process can begin.


finally, once it has passed the last stages of testing, guaranteeing both its compliance with our standards and the full satisfaction of your requirements, a completely unique, ready-to-use concrete wall will be delivered to you: your Precast wall.

Precast wall transportation

An appropriate and secure solution for every construction site, always on time.

standard delivery

lorry + standard Faymonville trailer:

  • total payload 26 T
  • total length 16.50 m
  • turning circle 14.44 m (min)
  • loading capacity up to 3.80 m in height

short delivery

lorry + short Faymonville trailer:

  • total payload 28.50 T
  • total length 12.66 m
  • turning circle 10.60 m (min)
  • loading capacity up to 3.80 m in height

difficult access, inside premises

skip loader truck

  • payload 17.00 T
  • payload 17.00 T
  • total length 9.40 m
  • turning circle 7.50 m (min)

multiplying the power of modular

here at the FEHR Group we are convinced that, even today, the versatility of concrete remains largely under-exploited.
its greatest challenge, however, is not a technical one – rather it is to overcome outdated perceptions.

hence our research division works tirelessly to unleash the creativity of professionals, imagining for them, the solutions of tomorrow.

concrete, poured onsite before being pressed or joined, has certainly proven its worth. But we feel certain that 21st century concrete is a laboratory product – thought through and optimized down to the smallest detail.


as such, our prefabricated products in reinforced concrete offer unrivaled flexibility of use. From the first phases of development through to the final laying, FEHR precast walls are designed with the human factor in mind, from start to finish.

Constructed from two shell walls, assembled using specialised metal frameworks, the products in our Precast wall range guarantee exceptional versatility.

and by ensuring impeccable performance, whatever the terrain, Precast wall brings prefabricated construction into a new era: our support solutions are safer for your site, faster, more durable and simpler than traditional construction methods.


A precast wall for every construction project

need insulation? Opt for Thermal. Combine exceptional technology and finishing with Architectural. Gain 44% productivity with Integral, the only precast wall that promises ease of installation, while optimising safety and performance on site.