FClad® cladding panel

Fibre-reinforced concrete cladding panel from 16 to 100 mm thick: façade cladding combining technical performances and aesthetics
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The F(Clad)® cladding panels can be used with or without insulation. UHPC panels contain an External Thermal Insulation (ETI) system, an effective response to the new thermal regulations.

  • The comfort of a ventilated curtain façade: protects against rain and noise, evacuates condensation
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Fire protection
  • Convenience for users
  • Resistance: UV, adverse weather, fire resistance (up to +350°C)
  • Colour customisable. Different thicknesses and textures.
  • Industrial prefabrication quality

Aesthetic cladding par excellence

  • Fineness, attractive textures, mineral aspect
  • The absence of passive reinforcement makes it easier to create complex shapes with relatively thin elements
  • Invisible fastening system
  • Possibility of faithfully reproducing textures and numerous colours available (mineral pigments)

An envelope round the building (including the ground floor)

  • Attractive buildings
  • Impact-resistant and resistant to external aggressions
  • Fire protection
  • Integration in an External Thermal Insulation system: environmentally-friendly and better for building users’ health


(RAL 7024)

(RAL 7046)

(RAL 7040)

(RAL 7047)

(RAL 9002 )

(RAL 9003)

(RAL 1013)

(RAL 1013)

(RAL 1014)

(RAL 8003)

(RAL 3012)


Technical characteristics

Sizes Customized up to 3,60m x 1,80m for FClad Classic
  up to 10,00m x 4,00m for FClad XL
Thickness 16 to 100 mm
Flexural strength ≥ 12 MPa
Modulus of elasticity ≥ 40 GPa
Thermal expansion coefficient d10,5 µm/m/°C
Nominal mass per unit area 37,6 kg/m2
Fire rating A2s1d0 (European legislation), M0 (French legislation)

The air space between the insulation and the cladding panel eliminates the effects of condensation and evacuates moisture.

Some examples of constructions with FClad® cladding panels


Bardage BFUHP : FClad®

F(Clad)® Cladding Panel

UHPC, an exceptional material

Ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete is an exceptional construction material which possesses a combination of technical and aesthetic qualities which are not generally found in concrete.


  • no framework required
  • resistance 10 x greater than that of traditional concrete in terms of compression / traction (180 Mpa/25Mpa)
  • extremely high resistance to abrasion and explosions
  • insensitivity to rust, aggressive environments, frost/thaws and UV
  • it offers outstanding freedom in terms of shape and texture both in architecture and design as well as a particularly wide range of colours.
  • the qualities of fibre-reinforced concrete go h and in hand with the new architectural trends: pure lines, fineness, emphasis on textures and mineral aspect.
  • the lack of passive frameworks makes it easier to create complex shapes with relatively thin items.
  • thanks to its mineral aspect, its ability to reproduce textures faithfully and the wide range of available colours, ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete has become the creative concrete par excellence.
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