Fibre-reinforced concrete special elements


Soundproofing that combines the advantages of UHPFC …

  • compressive strength 6 to 8 times higherand flexural strength 10 times higher than traditional concrete
  • outstanding tensile strength and ductility
  • no need for reinforcements
  • offers great freedom in the choice of shapes, colour and textures for structural elements as well as for architectonic creations and design features
  • durability and resistance to external aggressions: abrasion, pollution, fire, impermeability, weatherproof (freeze-thaw)

…with those of rockwool

  • sound absorption: the open, entangled structure of rockwool naturally dissipates sound energy: it is just as effective against airborne sound, impact sound and noise from equipment
  • efficient soundproofing
  • fire protection
  • waterproof
  • mechanical properties

Noise: an omnipresent daily reality

In order to meet specifiers’ noise management requirements and provide a solution that will last with the building over time, we have developed an acoustic panel made of Ultra High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFC) combined with rock wool.

The concrete panel offers numerous benefits, not least its resistance to graffiti and vandalism. The rock wool, which provides the sound absorbing effect required, is located underneath a concrete facing.

Technical data

CompositionUHPFC panel backed with rock wool
Thickness of insulationvariable according to customer's needs
Panel dimensionsAvailable in 2 sizes: 0.60 m x 0.60 m and 1.20 m x 0.60 m
Other features1-hour fire resistance (tests ongoing

Areas of application

This solution, which lends itself to interior as well as exterior uses, is perfect for applications in factories, tunnels, car parks, sports and public buildings.

FAcoustic® PANNEAU ACOUSTIQUE areas of application | FEHR Group


The City of Mulhouse redeveloped the entrance to Mulhouse Zoo, which lies on a hill, which led it to construct a walkway accessible to visitors with reduced mobility, with gradients in line with disabled access regulations.

The structural design work that led to the dimensioning of the UHPFC slabs was done by Fehr’s in-house design office.

The project required the production of 34 special slabs and the structure took 5 tonnes of UHPFC.

Walkway in concrete | FEHR Group


The Aqualagon is a vast open-air lagoon covering an area of 2,500 m² and offering year-round outdoor bathing in water at 30°C, adjoining one of Europe’s largest indoor water parks (9,000 m²). The site’s iconic pyramidal architecture is signed Jacques Ferrier.

The geothermal lagoon, with its south-west exposure, is dotted with numerous cascades and whirlpools, providing opportunities for visitors of all ages to have fun and an enjoy an unusual outdoor experience whatever the season.

An “active river” with its source in the heart of the water park and flowing into the lagoon, offers bathers natural thrills and surprises.

Fehr supplied 48 ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete columns 2 m thick and 19 m long.

Bien que séparé du lac, son espace de baignade semble s’y prolonger et s’y jeter.

Concrete walkway | FEHR Group
Concrete walkway | FEHR Group


The Vendôme Saint-Honoré project was the work of BDVA, the firm of architects that completely renovated the four luxury town houses at numbers 368, 370, 372 and 374, rue Saint-Honoré in 2006, along with the Hôtel de Villemaré at 9 place Vendôme. They created a contemporary office building within this island of historic buildings, surrounded by interior courtyards and gardens.

The grand staircase built from high performance fibre-reinforced concrete links the different common facilities and forms a meeting point in the centre of the complex, as well as making a strong architectural statement.

conrete staircase | FEHR Group
conrete staircase | FEHR Group


To provide a solution that remains in harmony with the rest of the building, a range of Ductal® UHPFC railings can be offered, with carefully finished fixing details. We are able to meet the demand from architects’ for bespoke elements, mesh structures in particular.

Requiring no further finishing or particular aftercare, Ductal® UHPFC railings and furnishings provide an ideal, durable solution for building owners.

The structure of the balcony is optimised to achieve a solution that includes a thermal bridge break at the junction with the slab. Ductal® UHPFC ribs form the structure for the base of the balcony.

The product comes in the form of customisable slabs, which is a way of resolving the dual issues of rainwater drainage and disabled access.

The FEHR Ductal® UHPFC balcony can be equipped with all types of conventional railings.

We are able to meet the demand from architects’ for bespoke elements, mesh structures in particular.

Requiring no further finishing or particular aftercare, Ductal® UHPFC railings and furnishings provide an ideal, durable solution for building owners.

FBlade® – BALCONY | FEHR Group

The FEHR FBlade® balcony solution for new build and renovation projects

  • aesthetics
  • thermal comfort
  • an outstanding durable solution
  • compliant with disabled access regulations
  • increased spans
  • no need for underpinning structures
  • integrated rainwater drainage
  • can be fitted out

Furnishing and decoration

F(Cap)® – Coping

The F(Cap)® coping stone is stronger, more watertight, less likely to show the dirt and lighter than a conventional coping stone:

F (Cap) ® covers are available in four standard references:

  • couvertine – L. 1,20 m x l. 23,50 cm
  • couvertine – L. 1,20 m x l. 33,50 cm
  • couvertine – L. 1,20 m x l. 44,50 cm
  • couvertine – L. 1,20 m x l. 49,50 cm
  • Fire-resistant (M0), impact-resistant, weatherproof (frost-thaw) and abrasion-resistant.
  • Very fine material
  • Highly versatile
  • Extremely durable
  • Coping stones for boundary walls or roof parapets, for use on bare concrete with no extra finishing.
  • Fits snugly onto the wall.
  • Easy to install, maintenance-free.
F(Cap)® – Coping | FEHR Group

JF(Garden) planter


  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion-insensitive, highly resistant to harsh environments, freeze-thaw and UV rays
  • Waterproof, maintenance-free
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Half-moon planter L. 1.20 m x D. 0.35 x H. 0.33 m white, wood, anthracite grey, natural grey
  • Rectangular planter L. 1.47 m x D. 1.22 m x H. 0.75 m stackable, white, natural grey
F(Garden) planter | FEHR Group