School partnerships

School partnerships

The FEHR group contributes to training rising talent thanks to its partnerships with:


Every year, we take part in student fairs: through presentations, discussions and offers of internships, work/study training programmes and end-of-studies work placements, we collaborate with engineering schools and other institutes of higher education.

Notably, we maintain partnerships with INSA (National Institute for Applied Sciences in Strasbourg), IUT Illkirch (Department of Civil Engineering), and Le Corbusier’s technical academy, to whom we offer: -

  • visits to our production sites
  • dedicated conferences
  • participation in their open days and events
  • practical work
  • placements for students

Such partnerships are a great asset to our enterprise; they allow us to introduce young people to the pertinent issues of today’s construction industry, while at the same time creating a new dynamic and facilitating the recruitment of new talent.