façade ring in fibre-reinforced concrete UHPC

Residential home Paris

Architectes : AZC – Zündel & Cristea

“In the dense urban context of Paris, the project is sited on a plot with exciting potential. Its microscopic access to Rue de Charenton and its depth with a quiet and protected “inner island” locate it between a street and a garden, with, above all, a large part that is sunlit at the summer solstice. Those observations made us design the establishment like a house, with the two qualities that entails: a side that gives onto the city and another that leads to the garden.

On the Ruelle de la Planchette, the top of the aligned façade bends to follow the permitted dimensions.

The outer protective skin is smooth and fine, in a neutral colour, and faces the city. On Rue de Charenton, the morphology of the plot enabled us to create volumes with surprising proportions that bend at the roof, the whole clad in the same material. The inside of the building is organised around two planted patios; natural light is present in all the living areas and in horizontal passage ways. Enclosing elements obey playful rules with the distribution of full and empty spaces and variegated vertical surfaces that intend to discreetly make the building less formidable.“

(excerpt from the ZAC website at http://www.zundelcristea.com/)

Panneau de façade en béton fibré à Charenton , Paris | FEHR Group
Panneau de facade en béton fibrée – Charenton
Panneau de facade en béton fibrée - Charenton | FEHR Group
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