Transporting Précoffré® walls

A safe solution suited to any site, adherence to deadlines


Delivery by standard lorry + standard Faymonville trailer:

Total payload 26 T
Overall length 16.50 m
Turning radius 14.44 m (minimum)
Loading capacity up to 3.80 m high

Short delivery

Delivery by short lorry + short Faymonville trailer:

Total payload 28.50 T
Overall length 12.66 m
Turning radius 10.60 m (minimum)
Loading capacity up to 3.80 m high

Difficult access

Interior working Multi-bin lorry

Total payload 17.00 T
Total payload with trailer 23.50 T
Overall length 9.40 m
Turning radius 7.50 m (minimum)

transport Précoffré
transport Précoffré nuit
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