Assembly team

Our experts bring their expertise and advice to any construction site needing to install technical concretes, including ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete.

The Assembly department offers a top-quality service and advice, carrying out finishing work on site (treatment of joints, finishes, etc.) and helping customers with the installation of Fehr precast elements.

1. Assembly of our products & Complete construction systems for our building shell customers

Installation of Ultra High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

This project designed by Jacques Ripault Architecture rests against the gable end of an existing building and extends to a point at the far southern end of the plot. The ten-storey building is designed to play a role as a landmark, an urban building with a message.

The hall of residence, which will be managed by the CROUS student accommodation service, includes 67 flats, communal areas and a roof terrace. The entire building is accessible to persons with reduced mobility and 6 rooms have been adapted for disabled residents.

With its external insulation, its green roof, its 60 m² of solar panels on the roof, its specially adapted solar protection, its water-saving devices and low-consumption lighting in the common areas, the hall of residence aims high in terms of energy performance, and is fully compliant with the requirements of the Paris Climate Plan.

2. A comprehensive service in industrial environments

  • Maintenance and upgrading to comply with standards
  • Functional fitting out
  • Optimisation of spaces
  • Building conversions

Our solutions

  • Repairs: ground, foundation blocks, concrete structures
  • Reinforcement of concrete structures
  • Rehabilitation: creation of openings, redistribution of spaces, reorganisation of flows
  • Civil engineering: gutters, pits, foundation blocks, anti-vibration systems
  • Accessibility: ramps, staircases, walkways, unloading docks, good lift shafts
  • Concreted areas: storage yards, washing areas, service stations, industrial slabbing, containment

Our commitment

  • In restricted spaces
  • On occupied premises
  • Limiting the nuisance caused
  • Adapting to your working hours
  • And your working constraints
  • Complying with the rules and standards applicable on the site

The support we provide

  • Responsiveness: a technician available to listen and answer your queries
  • Expertise: a technical and financial response to your need, prepared by our in-house engineering department and design office
  • Scheduling: a permanent dialogue to ensure optimum planning of the intervention
  • Quality of the service: thanks to daily monitoring of the performance of the work
  • Acceptance procedure and handing over of the file of completed works within the timeframe specified

Our resources

We can take on all your work, whether it it is preventive, curative or new work.

With trained, experienced staff, a wide range of high-performance equipment and plant, we can provide you with solutions adapted to the precise nature of your work and your timeframe.

3. Façade finishing

  • Pointing
  • Finishes
  • Removal of safety railing base plates
  • Anti-graffiti treatments
Nos équipe d'assemblage | Fehr Groupe

Benefits for you

  • saves you time
  • no need to worry about organising aerial work platforms
  • careful work, done by specialists

4 interventions done by a single approved applicator


Equipe de démontage | Fehr Grpupe

Anti-graffiti treatment

Traitement antigrafiti | Fehr Groupe

Finishing work

Travaux de finition | Fehr Groupe

Treatment of joints

Traitement des joints | Fher Groupe
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Fehr Groupe has been a leader on the concrete market since 1960, specialising in both ready-mix concrete (RMC) and precast walls. With a long-held interest in innovation, the group has constantly re-invented itself, bringing you new solutions for your construction projects every day.

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