Cité du Chaperon Vert

Architect : AEC Architecture

Town : Gentilly

Element(s) : Precast Wall Precast Slab Cladding Panel

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Work done by the French National Agency for Urban Renovation in the Chaperon Vert estate in Gentilly. This was a complex refurbishment operation due to the many and varied types of work required depending on the buildings.

Cité du Chaperon Vert

Key figures:

  • 6500 m2 of Precast wall Classic
  • 6000 m2 of precast slabs
  • 4350 m2 of FClad® cladding panels Architect : AEC Architecture Town : Gentilly

Refurbishment of 315 social dwellings.

It was part of an overall plan that included both improvements of spaces at the centre of the estate and new build projects. These elements contribute greatly to the organisation and to the overall perception of the units. The refurbishment plan was thus closely related to green spaces and new buildings.

CCCité du Chaperon Vert

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