Black Swans

Architect : Anne Demians

Town : Strasbourg

Element(s) : Précoffré Classique®

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À propos de ce projet

L’ensemble immobilier « Black Swans » s’inscrit dans un projet de reconquête des friches portuaires initié par l’Eurométropole.

Key figures:

10,000 m2 of Précoffré® Classic Architect: Anne Demians Town: Strasbourg

The Black Swans property development is part of plan to reclaim disused port land initiated by the city authorities. This is a multi-programme property complex covering 30,000 sq. m. that is exceptional due to its architectural image and volumes.

The layout of the buildings and their height (dwellings at a height of 50 metres) offer exceptional views of the cathedral and the Black Forest mountains in Germany.

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